Pro-Life Choice

As a Christian, woman and Obstetrician/Gynecologist, I have struggled with my conflicted opinions about abortion for over forty years. I wonder at people who are so sure of their position that they can be one-issue voters on the subject. I am both pro-life and pro-choice. What do I mean by that? I think abortion is an evil, immoral act that should be legal, at least early on. In other ways, I am neither pro-life nor pro-choice. What do I mean by that? While abortion may be sin, it is not the only nor an unforgiveable sin; it is equally sinful to judge others. And while a woman may have a right to have an abortion, that does not make it right; life begins at conception and a fetus is human as the Doritos super-bowl commercial so cleverly depicts.

I have seen women so desperate that they have tried to abort themselves. I have also seen women judge themselves harshly when their circumstances changed after having chosen abortion. A few women may use abortion for birth control, but for most it is difficult both to make and to live with the decision. The pro-choice position does women a disservice by trying to deny that there is a moral issue to be considered. After an abortion women often feel regret, shame, guilt, and grief and they don’t know how to handle it when they have been lead to believe that there is no moral consideration. While the pro-life position may have the moral high ground, it also does women a disservice when it tries to block resources that would help poor women prevent unplanned pregnancies.

I have come to peace with my conflicted opinions. I can live with being both pro-life and pro- choice, pro-life choice if you will. One position is about legality; one is about morality,  and I can see where both are right. I can also see where both are wrong. I am at peace with my opinions because I have more need to be compassionate than I have need to be right.

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