Trip of a Lifetime

Ft. Lauderdale, located 28 miles north of Miami on the Atlantic coast of Florida, is named for an abandoned fort built by soldiers of the US government under the leadership of Major William Lauderdale during the Seminole Wars from 1838 to 1842. Fifty years after the fort was abandoned the city began in the 1890’s. Today Ft. Lauderdale is home to Port Everglades, the third busiest cruise port in the US. Over 40 ships pass in and out of this port annually and on one of them next year, I am going to begin and end the trip of a lifetime.

I don’t mind publicizing this as someone will be living in my home during the four months I will be living on the ms Amsterdam and traveling around the world. My intent is to use this means of sharing my adventures with friends and family, hopefully with photos if I can get my tech skills up to speed.

As I prepare to go, I will share what I learn. For instance, there are 28 pages in a standard passport for visa stamps. Road Scholar, my trip organizer, says I will need 35 pages so I have to apply for a “large book” passport which has 52 pages. It is a simple process and requires only a check on the normal passport application and no extra charge. Who knew? Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Trip of a Lifetime

  1. Wow, what a fantastic opportunity you are taking advantage of, Carolyn! Will stay tuned for your updates.


    1. Our mutual friend is going with me, but I will let her put her name on social media as she wishes or not. I’m sure as she approves I will share some of her observations as well as my own. We just got home from Costa Rica. That was a great trip, too.
      Hope you are well.


      1. Hi Carolyn! Are you now on the cruise? We’re visiting Atlanta this weekend and just drove by Emory University so of course thought of our friend…


  2. This will be an amazing trip! I am so happy for you. Take a ton of pictures so you can share your experience with those of us back home.


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