A Once in a Lifetime Trip?

We embarked at 9 PM tonight from Ft. Lauderdale aboard the MS Amsterdam on the trip I have dreamed about doing for 25 years and prepared to do for the past year. We sail around the world for the next four months, a once in a lifetime trip many have said and I have thought. Today, I learned it may not be a once in a lifetime trip.

As we waited in a long line to board the ship this morning, I met Richard and Barbara, whose photo I have attached with their permission. This is the fourth time they have sailed around the world. Richard talked with us for an hour about the places we are going to see. He’s been there already but signed on to go again. Across the rope I spoke with a lady and her sister who are doing their fifth around the world cruise. They already know where this ship goes in 2020! We counted at least a dozen people who have done this trip at least once before this.

As I type this, loving that little roll that you feel when you are moving fast at sea, I am blessed not to be seasick, grateful for this opportunity whether or not it is a once in a lifetime trip for me, and grateful that tech-challenged as I am the internet appears to be working. We are at sea for the next two days on our way to Santa Marta, Colombia. Check in tomorrow and I will tell you about the ship.

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