What a Day at Sea!

Today I feel so blessed. After a bowl of fabulous oatmeal with hot milk and blueberries, I went to beginning bridge class. It is an excellent class and I am working at a table with Phil, Judy, and Luci, delightful people. Phil and Judy are from Wisconsin and met each other 8 years ago on a bus in Poland. After bridge, I went to a class about the essentials of Windows 10. The teacher is excellent, and I plan to do more of her classes. From that I was on to a trivia session where I saw beautiful photos of some of the places we will visit.

After a quick lunch of Indonesian chicken noodle soup and frozen yogurt, I was on to my Road Scholar class on igneous rocks. From that I had a class on making gift boxes. Then, I was on to perhaps the most exciting part of the day; I signed up to be part of the Holland America Line Chorale. We will be a chorus of about fifty that will rehearse every other day at sea and perform in a show at the end of the cruise. I am so excited to be able to sing. I confess that missing choir was one of the chief things I had against doing this trip.

Every passenger who does the whole world cruise is invited for one dinner with the captain in the private restaurant, The Pinnacle Grill. Tonight was our night. We were asked to wear elegant dresses and had our photograph taken with the captain on entrance. Sandy and I were seated at a table of three. The staff person assigned to our table was Terry, the head of Security. We had fabulous conversation, an unbelievable meal, and a gift of appetizer plates commemorating Holland America ships. From dinner we rushed to the evening show, which was pianist, Tim Abel. He was fabulous. As a matter of fact, I think the shows on this trip are the best I have heard on any cruise ship. I had hoped to add photos, but the internet this far out to sea is slow and a bit unreliable. So, picture me smiling.

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