Rapa Nui Photos

Having been to this UNESCO world heritage site thirty years ago, Sandy said that at that time only three or four of the Moai were standing. The others were lying down in place, like some in the second photo.

The third photo shows a close-up of one of the Moai. The statues are black as you would expect from volcanic rock, but a few have a red cap. We saw only one of those in the long line of Moai. The statues were carved out of a lava flow. The first photo shows one in place, being carved out of the surrounding walls.

We learned that a number of people were not able to get off the ship on Easter Island, and we feel very fortunate to have seen this amazing place. At sea for the next five days, I will be learning bridge and singing. The music is challenging, but it is fun to learn it. Unfortunately, two sopranos quit today, making our already small section smaller.

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