Bora Bora

Ah, Bora Bora. This is by far the most beautiful place we have visited. There is no way my photographs can catch the multiple blues. Tahiti was magical, exotic, modern, and developed. Bora Bora is beautiful, wild, and fun. Our guides and drivers today were young, relaxed and laughing, even though they drove us up some of the steepest and roughest terrain I have ever navigated. Their goal was to give us views that would take our breath away and they did.

Bora Bora was an American military base during WWII because of its natural features. There is one bay where our ship anchored with one narrow way into the bay. The rest of the island is surrounded by a lagoon and coral reefs, which are inaccessible. The American battleships were anchored right where our ship is now. Eight guns were placed around the island to protect the shipping lanes that supplied the Americans in New Zealand and Australia. We visited the remains of one gun site. The Japanese never arrived here so this would not have been a bad place to spend the war.

We visited a beach so I got to get my feet wet in the Pacific. The mountain tops are very distinctive here with the square rock to the right of the peak from the ship’s view. I made a video of our guides and drivers singing and playing ukuleles. I wish I could upload it just because it captures the pure joy of this place. When I get home, ask me to see it. In the meantime, I loved Tahiti, but I left my heart in Bora Bora.

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