Grateful Not Having Seasickness

Often, I take things for granted in spite of my effort to be mindful of my blessings. Tonight, I was reminded of one of those blessings; I have never been seasick. The ship is rolling; waves are so high that the spray comes past our window. It is the kind of night where even the hardiest sailors can be seasick.

During dinner, the ship speaker came on and the cruise director explained that the show at 8 PM would be flautist, Jonathan Johnston. He did the show a few nights ago and is truly excellent, playing a nice variety of classical, opera, show tunes, and pop. The show was supposed to be a group from Australia called The Vallies. They do a singing and dancing tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. No explanation was given for the change.

At 8 PM, Jonathan Johnston began his show with “The Toreador Song” from Carmen. He did soundtracks from movies, a medley of American Dixie music, “The Flight of the Bumblebee,” “Danny Boy,” and much more. This gives you an idea of the variety. Why were we blessed with this wonderful music? The Vallies were seasick. Grateful for many blessings, I say good night.

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