Flam, Norway

Flam is correctly written with a little o over the a, but I don’t know how to make my keyboard do it, nor am I sure how to say it. What I do know is that it is a beautiful little town at about 61 degrees N latitude, among the fiords on the west coast of Norway and just 3 or 4 degrees short of The Arctic Circle. We traversed three fiords on our way to Flam just after sunrise yesterday and again on our way back to the North Sea about 14 hours later. The first two photos show the same beautiful mountain scene just after sunrise and on our way out. We had a beautiful sunny day around Flam as the clouds only gathered on our way out, blessed again with the weather.

From Flam we took a train ride into the mountains to see the incredible scenery. Norway is known for its fiords, but it could also be known for its waterfalls. The last three photos show just a few. Largest of those we saw, the third photo shows Kjosfossen Waterfall. The names of the others are unknown to me. The train stopped for photos at Kjosfossen Waterfall on its way to Myrdal where other tours are available. We got off in Vatnahalsen for coffee and waffles. The waffles were served with lingonberries, a traditional Scandinavian berry, and they were just as good as the scenery!

The last photo shows not only two waterfalls but also the starkness of the timberline. We saw this rugged black rock atop all of the mountains except where the higher ones were covered with snow. As we went higher on the train we could also see where the trees were just budding out; at lower levels they were in full bloom. In any season, it would be amazing and beautiful. I may or may not get back here, but I hope some of you will. We passed an AirBNB on the way into Flam perched half way up the mountain, and I thought of Drew who loves AirBNB. It’s the last photo. I am off to the Isle of Skye tomorrow and home two weeks from today.

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