Choose Wisely

In the first chapter of his devotional book, The Fulfillment, Timothy Tennent describes our human condition as made in the likeness of God, moral, relational, and representative. Unfortunately, our human condition also includes sinfulness. Tennent explains that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was put in the garden as a warning sign. It is God’s acknowledgement that the reality of evil exists. God offered mankind the choice of obeying Him and not eating of the tree or disobeying Him. He knew one-third of His first created beings, the angels, had disobeyed, and He knew that men were likely to disobey, as well. He had a plan. The Bible explains God’s plan for redemption of our wrong choices. One-third of angels were lost, but the desire of God’s heart is that not one of mankind should be lost.

We are made to be in relationship with God, and holiness is necessary if we are to have such a relationship. Tennent said well what I want you to hear, “Choices are vital if we have a doctrine of holiness, not just innocence. Holiness must be confirmed by real acts of obedience in the presence of real choices.” Real choices exist because evil exists.

Our nature as fallible human beings is such that not all of our choices are right, so I am grateful for God’s plan. Living in joy and at peace with ourselves, our world, and our God is possible because of that plan. In the immortal words of the ancient knight, “choose wisely.” But when we don’t, reading the plan of redemption will help.

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