Time Flies

Time flies when you are having fun. Can it really be June 3, 2016? Didn’t we just worry about the Y2K problem last year? Well, in defense of the saying, I have been having fun. I looked at my calendar for the last five months and discovered I have talked to nine book clubs and two other groups about Saving Jane Doe. I have done three radio interviews and written two articles. Cheryl Truman interviewed for the Lexington Herald article. A number of emails and notes from old friends and former patients who have read the book have filled my inbox and mailbox. I would have taken less than twenty years to write Saving Jane Doe if I had any idea how much fun it would be to market it. Fun gives marketing a whole new meaning.

This photo was taken at the Mercer County Library when I attended their Lunch Bunch Book Group. It contains a new friend, Wendy Hood, and an old patient, Becky Stigall. The librarians provided lunch and decorated the table with photos related to my book, the Downtowner Motel and Uncle Henry’s house.

Mercer County Lunch Bunch Book Group

Time flies when you are having fun!

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