Classic signs of concussion are headache, loss of consciousness, and mental confusion, but you can have class 1 concussions without any of these symptoms. According to Dr. David Blake, a neurologist, my friend, and doctor, equally classical signs are loss of drive, creativity, and energy. Apparently, loss of smell, sleep disturbance, and excessive thirst are also common symptoms following head injury, but fortunately, I didn’t have those. The good news is that with rest, you do recover from class 1 concussions, though slowly.

Since I thought headache and unconsciousness were requirements, I hadn’t bothered to read about concussions after I nose-dived into the concrete floor on July 1. I beat myself up for so few blog posts and Facebook visits. Even though my face still has some bruising I thought I should be able to go on as normal. Dr. Blake putting a name to my injury helped me back-up and give myself permission to take time to heal.

We know that in a instant our lives can be forever changed, but we never expect it to happen to us. How many times have I fallen on the ice only to get up and go on as normal?A friend’s brother fell on the ice and died. I am sorry for a non-productive summer when Saving Jane Doe has just been released and there is so much to do, but I am grateful for the promise of recovery.

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