On Artists

I am awed by people with artistic ability and would like to tell you about one. During this past year I learned and began regularly playing Mah Jongg. In our group I met Pat Becker, a lady who is not only a killer Mah Jongg player but an amazing artist. At our first quarterly luncheon, where we play Mah Jongg most of the day, Pat brought dozens of beautiful note cards, handmade with photos of her paintings. They included horses, flowers, and landscapes. She allowed each of us to choose as many as we would like to have. I was as greedy as she was generous and took several, all of which I have already sent.

Last week when I picked Pat up to go play, she brought me a portrait that she had painted of my dogs. It looks just like them and I love it almost as much as I love them. It now hangs over my fireplace. Some of my awe comes from knowing that no matter how much effort I made to learn, I could never produce anything like this. Thank you, Pat, you are a treasure.

Portrait of Glade and Mori

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