Crunch Time

With only eight days until I leave home to go around the world, I feel excited and panicked. So many little things that must be done come to mind. One delightful unexpected thing is a round of Bon Voyage gatherings. My friends, JoAnn, Matt, Gayle and Jim, took me out for a Bon Voyage dinner. Mary Anne made me this beautiful card, and my Mah Jongg buddies wrote wishes and signed it. Monday, my yoga class ended with a toast to my trip and the New Year with mimosas and next Monday, my book club is going to meet a week early so I can attend. What unexpected fun!

My nephew, Drew, who has moved in to watch my house, made me realize something also unexpected. The things that I take with me will be special in a way; they will have been around the world. He is currently deciding what of his belongings he wants me to take for him. This made me think more carefully about what I take. I decided for one thing, I want to take photos of people I love, take you with me in a way.

While the bags are unpacked and the credit card companies won’t allow me to say more than ten countries I will visit, I am taking photos on the iPad to take with me. I know what is important, the people I both leave behind and take with me, on my iPad and in my heart.

9 thoughts on “Crunch Time

  1. What an exciting adventure! I look forward to your writings and pictures, and will travel vicariously with you for the next 4 months!


  2. Hope you have the trip you are wishing for and we surely follow you on your travels. BonVoyage and have a safe and marvelous adventure.


  3. Carolyn take dollar store wash rags leave them. It will make it easier. Wish we were with you. We did Alaska and Japan in October lived it. Bin Voyage my friend.


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