Panama City Architecture

The pope visited Panama City last week and left the day before we arrived yesterday. Unfortunately the thousands of people who came from all over the world to see him did not leave with him. Yesterday, they all went to see the same sights as the two cruise ships’ passengers, the Miraflores Locks museum and the old city. Because of the shoulder to shoulder crowds, I left the museum and went outside to watch the ships passing through the locks. There, it was sunny and 89 degrees.

Panama City was established in 1519 by Spaniards on the Pacific side of Panama. In the late 1500’s pirates came down the Chagas River from the Caribbean and destroyed the town, which was rebuilt in the 1600’s. In the old town we walked past ruins and examples of colonial architecture which is very different from the modern city seen from the starboard side of the ship.

On our way back to the pier we passed the Frank Gehry building shown in the last photo. It is used as a biological research center. Today, I’ve had a walk and morning stretch. Now, I’m off to breakfast followed by beginning bridge class, two lectures, lunch, another lecture, bingo, a gala dinner followed by the evening show, and a masked ball. So ends what some would call a boring day at sea.

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