• Yesterday in Bali, I watched this one of hundreds of Macaque monkeys eating an orange in the Monkey Forest. They roamed freely around us, jumping on some shoulders and diving in the swimming pool when a group appeared to watch. Dozens of babies played with siblings or nursed. Our guide said they use birth control, but it did not appear to be working. We were told not to carry plastic bags and not to make eye contact. Some of their expressions were particularly prescient.
  • The terraced rice paddies, seen in the second photo, formed the view from the open patio where we had lunch. They were available for walking for a closer look, but I declined that. I learned that rice does not require being submerged in water to grow. The fields can be dry as these were. Apparently, the water is to eliminate pests that eat the tender shoots of rice.
  • You may have heard about flash flooding in Indonesia. Several died in Papua, New Guinea. Bali, which is one of Indonesia’s 17,500 islands, had its own flooding issues. We came across a closed road on our way back to the ship after our special Indonesian dinner was cancelled due to delays we had all day with the rain. As you can see, I have an umbrella with the Hindu temple at Luhur Tanah Lot in the background. The tide occasionally allows visitors into the temple but not this visit. This is the most famous of the thousands of temples in Bali. Offerings are made daily in the homes of the eighty-five percent of Balinese who are Hindu, and we learned how to make them. Mine is the last photo. I was hesitant to make a Hindu offering, but as I made it, I offered it to my Lord Jesus and thanked him for the electric fan that ran over my head.

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    1. Tunes from “South Pacific” run through my head as I look at your pictures. But your monkey picture didn’t make the post. Although I don’t respond to all your posts, I look forward to reading about your next day’s adventure!


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