Sunday at Sea

This Sunday, in the middle of five days at sea, has seemed the most like Sundays at home. It started with light breakfast, followed by church, a short time crocheting with the Sit and Knit group, then too much lunch at the Sunday brunch in the dining room. You get a set menu. First came the cold sampler, fruit salad shooter, mini Caesar salad, deviled egg with caviar, duck pate with blueberry compote on crouton, cream cheese with home-made gravlax, caprese on focaccia toast and shrimp nigiri with a pippete of soy.

Second came the main course, shown in the photo, a hot sampler with ham and cheese mini strata, seafood pot pie, biscuit with herbed gravy, mini mac and cheese, oven roasted lamb en croute, herbed potato confit, broccoli and carrot, and cinnamon swirl French toast with maple syrup. I could only sample some of each offering and I was still too full.

Finally came the dessert course, a mini walnut tart, chocolate panacotta, and berry mousse parfait. Since it is Sunday, I got to try the desserts. I have been foregoing dessert for Lent, more of a sacrifice here than it would be at home. After our daily Road Scholar lecture, Sandy and I finished the New York Times crossword puzzle, our eighth in a row, completed. When I finish this post I am going for a much needed walk. This evening the show on the Main Stage is Elliot Finkel, a pianist, and Helen Wilding, a soprano. As you can see, days at sea can be quite busy.

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